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About CalSHRM


    Welcome to CalSHRM

    The California State Council of SHRM (CalSHRM) is the oversight body and organizational liaison between the 17 local SHRM chapters in California, SHRM members in CA and SHRM headquarters in Alexandria, VA. CalSHRM State Council Officers and Directors together with the local Chapter Presidents, champion statewide initiatives and strategies that support the HR profession and local communities.

    At CalSHRM, we believe that our professional community of more than 22,000 SHRM members and the 120,000+ HR practitioners in the state have unique CA-specific challenges and can affect change in California employment by uniting statewide and communicating with One Voice.

    Whether an HR executive, HR professional, office manager, supervisor, or business owner, if the responsibilities of your position require the management, direction and development of people, CalSHRM is here to support you and bring value to your organization.

    Stay in touch with the CA HR community through CalSHRM Voice:

    To stay informed of statewide CalSHRM initiatives, become a subscriber to our periodic newsletter. This state “membership” will keep you up-to-date on our inititaives, educational programming, statewide engagement events and leadership opportunities with CalSHRM.


    The California State Council of SHRM Goes Mobile: Text CalSHRM to 7606703130 to receive our alerts. Text and data rates may apply. Text alerts complement the Voice and do not replace it.


    Our advice:

    Maximize your opportunities by becoming a member of SHRM and a SHRM-affiliated chapter in your area. It’s a winning combination!


    Need to reach us?

    -Contact us at  or Call Toll Free 866-750-7190