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Having a voice in the legislative process is critical for Human Resources as a profession to ensure that laws are passed that are reasonable and not burdensome for employers to comply with and to shape the future of our workplaces in the state of California and beyond.


The California State Council of SHRM’s (CalSHRM) One Voice Program reflects our commitment to advancing the HR professions “Standard of Excellence”, by displaying “significant technical or professional impact on the human resource profession.”


We have made a significant impact for the Human Resource profession, with CalSHRM and the 120,000+ HR professionals in the state moving from being an afterthought in the legislative process five years ago, to now being a trusted resource and advisor when creating legislation that impacts employers and employees not only in California but around the country.


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About Us

At CalSHRM, we believe that our professional community of more than 22,000 SHRM members and the 120,000+ HR practitioners in the state have unique CA-specific challenges and can affect change in California employment by uniting statewide and communicating with One Voice.  Representing human resource professionals, the California State Council (CalSHRM) is the state affiliate for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  CalSHRM is a 100% volunteer entity consisting of 16 SHRM affiliated chapters and one organization across the state. Our primary objective is to support the mission and initiatives of SHRM and the California Chapters we support. We coordinate professional development efforts, and serve as the conduit for communication among SHRM and chapters as well as SHRM at-large members


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